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Make some Bunnies with me

How many times has it happened to you that you forget to buy the snacks that you had to bring to the soccer game, or that you forget to buy the cupcakes for your child's birthday celebration at school? If you are a mom, you will understand me, our mind works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, we are not machines and it is okay to forget things, we are human beings and we are not perfect.

For those who don't know me yet, I teach religion classes at my church, and as I was preparing the material for that day's class, I remembered that next Sunday we wouldn't have classes because of spring break. Which I realized that I didn't prepare something to give my students for Easter, oh no!!!…

For five minutes I was thinking what to give them, I couldn't go to the store, because in less than an hour I would have to be at my church, and if you take me to the store, it is most likely that I won't leave the store for two hours. So I had to rescue the day with a bit of imagination, and use what I had around my house, so plastic eggs, chocolates and a napkin was my salvation and in less than 15 minutes I finished my Easter favors, it really was an inexpensive and easy way to give a simple candy.

What you need, scissors, napkins, glue dots or any other kind of glue, plastic eggs and candy of your choice.

Cut the napkin in the size you want, I cut mine in four parts.

Fill the plastic eggs with the desired candy.

Fold the napkin diagonally and make small folds.

Add the glue dots in the top and the bottom of the plastic eggs, and glue the napkin to the plastic egg.

And for the last step just make a little twist on the top so you can simulate a little bunny ears.

and voila, now you will have some cute Easter Favors


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